Well, every day is different!! 

We aim to plan all our activities around what our members might like to do, we work as a team to come up with ideas and then plan for the month ahead so that we have all the resources we will need and love to hear what the members would like to do.

Recently at Hook they did a lot of activities around Italy – inspired by Ezri’s holiday to Italy!!


Whilst we have a structured day which is broken down into a set timetable, but how the activities run changes every day.

We love to go walking, getting those steps in and being in fresh air is great for everyone!  Often we all go out together which is a good time to have a chat and find out more about each other.

We are so lucky to have amazing walks on our doorstep at Hook and Eastleigh and we love to get out and about every single day!


With all of our activities we try and learn with what we are doing, but always in a fun way. 

We try to laugh a lot and enjoy ourselves too!! 

​Here’s some pictures of the fabulous day at Hook’s Italian experience!