What a fantastic start to the year at Andover! it was so lovely to see all our members back; we had some great chats during our tea breaks, discovering what they got up to during the festive break.

One of our members and member of staff started off January with a challenge of trying to complete an ASDAN book by the end of the month, this involves knowing your computer, running a program or app, writing, photo editing and graphics, using the internet, internet shopping, internet tv and radio, using a smartphone.  Both member and member of staff had great fun doing this and learning, we are hoping to start a different book next month learning about transport.

Our team leader and deputy team leader are involved in networking alongside other organisations, trying to improve and share ideas on funding and transport and to try and break down the barriers that stop people with learning disabilities from leading a full and fruitful life.

Also, this month we are starting to think about how a seed grows into a plant; we have a few members who are interested in gardening and have sown some sunflower seeds; the staff and members were surprised at how quickly they were peeping through the soil, within a week they are now ready to plant on into bigger pots to allow them more space to grow.

With gardening in mind, we are now starting to make our own wooden planters, we have recycled some pallets and took them apart in our woodwork room.

Our members are learning the process of making them by measuring the wood, planing, cutting and assembling using power tools.  Both staff and members have surprised themselves at being able to do this and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

We are looking forward to our new activities in February and starting new learning goals.