‘What a Healthy Lifestyle means to me’.


What a busy month we have had here at JP Basingstoke! Since coming back from the Christmas holidays, we have been exploring the question, “What does a Healthy lifestyle mean to me?”. We have discovered that there are many factors that contribute to a “Healthy Lifestyle” and a balance of these factors help create a healthy mind and body. As a team, we worked together to put these factors into groups. These groups were Healthy Eating, Plenty of Fluids, Exercise and Wellness. The Group Leaders then carefully planned activities which promote knowledge of these factors to help educate our members in a fun interactive way.


“To stay healthy, I eat healthy foods like grapes and bananas” – Member at JP Basingstoke

A Basingstoke member creating healthy food plate ideas

To start our ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ journey we learnt about a balanced diet. We did this by creating our own ‘Balanced Plates’ by working together cutting and sticking the different food into categories. The members know that to maintain their health, fruit and vegetables play a vital role. To emphasise this, we played the ‘Guess the food game’ where members took turns putting their hands into a bag to feel what could be inside. The members were very successful in recognising what they were feeling, but we also did come across some new vegetables that some members may not have been familiar with. To further support our members understanding of eating healthily, we decided to create a tasty healthy dish which members could share with their family and friends. Together as a team we made soup packed with a wide variety of vegetables to make sure it included our 5-a-day. The members really enjoyed learning new life skills such how to use a knife correctly as well as how to use the oven hob safely, when making the soup.

Plenty of fluid is critical to keep your body healthy, an activity which our Group Leaders created to support this lesson is orange juice making. This was a fun, messy, hands-on way to promote the member’s fluid intake as well as make the members feel involved. We were really impressed with the independence shown by them and how enthusiastic they were to create as much orange juice as possible so that everyone could have some.  The orange juice was well worth the sticky hands!

A Basingstoke member visiting the golf driving range and

At JP Basingstoke, we like to stay active and find new creative ways to do so. This month with the theme of ‘A Healthy Lifestyle’ we mind mapped a variety of ways we can keep ourselves busy. Last year we started taking our members to the Basingstoke Golf Driving Range. The excitement and enthusiasm the members showed then made us eager to take them back this month. We believe golf is very beneficial for our members as we noticed last time it really helped them to improve their gross motor skills as well as their focus and precision when hitting the ball. The members loved going back to a familiar activity, and we hope that their skills will continue to improve over the next couple of weeks. Another familiar activity that returned to JP Basingstoke was ‘Dancing with Tiffany’. We are all so delighted to have her back on Wednesday afternoons. It was a pleasure to see the members working as a team to bring their choreography to life, especially when they were creating a dragon to celebrate the ‘Chinese New Year’. A new active hobby we have now introduced to our members is trampolining. When planning for this month, we wanted to see what was available in our local community, which is how we came across ‘Atmosphere Trampoline Park’. The trip to the trampolining park was a huge success and we think that trampolining is a great activity to provide sensory stimulation in an energetic manner. We are hoping to make trampolining a regular activity here at JP Basingstoke as we feel that it has a positive impact on our member’s wellness.

“Wellness is achieved by a combination of emotional, environmental, mental, physical, social, and spiritual health” – Oxford Definition


To finish our ‘Health Lifestyle’ month, we decided to dive into the idea of wellness. To us wellness means being happy and having self-confidence. With this said, we decided to continue with our morning yoga, which is run by our Group Leader, Tracy. We feel that yoga is a great way to develop mindfulness and promote reflection. The members’ passion for yoga has really grown over the last few weeks. Yoga also has many positive benefits on the body. These include helping to increase core strength, lowering blood pressure, and increasing immunity. We are keen to continue yoga here at JP Basingstoke as an engaging way to set up the day for our members. As well as yoga, we have also been looking into meditation and different techniques to use to calm the mind. Our sensory room has helped aid this as this is a relaxing, tranquil space that members are free to use when they feel like they would like to relax or reflect.

This month, our members have been busy exploring the question “What does a Healthy lifestyle mean to me?” through active, fun-packed activities. Together we have learnt that a healthy lifestyle requires balance and exercise. Additionally, staying healthy and active also helps improve our mental health and overall wellness. For us to thrive and be happy, it is important to take care of our bodies and minds. The members have shown this by getting involved with the activities provided this month and deepening their knowledge of a healthy lifestyle.


“Dancing makes you healthy” – JP Basingstoke Member

Basingstoke member juicing an orange