This month at James’ Place, we have been thinking about ‘What is teamwork?’ and “How to be a good team player?”

Where does the time fly? Another month has gone!

As a unit, we realised that great teamwork requires effective communication and active listening. It is very important to listen to other people’s thoughts, feelings and opinions and be respectful of them. Communication is also key; therefore, as a team, we have been learning about different styles and techniques to enhance our communication skills with each other. Collectively, we understand and recognise that there are many factors that can affect effective communication. Some examples of these are sense impairments and language barriers. Here at James’ Place Basingstoke, we aim to create a trusting environment where our members’ choices and preferences are heard.

“Your Voice your Choice” – JP Ethos

At James Place, we always try to look at ways we can develop our communication to accommodate a wider variety of needs. With this in mind, our team got to thinking…

Then, the Deputy Team Leader, Jess, had the idea of having communication lanyards using the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). We trialled these out and worked out what other PECS were needed. After realising how much of a positive impact they had, we created communication lanyards for all our team to have and use. This has helped us so much more with understanding members and helping them to understand us. One of our members, who is overcoming the barrier of communication with us, has been using the PECS lanyards to tell us what she wants, i.e. that she wants a drink. We are really pleased with how well this idea is going, and the other locations are now interested too!

‘Setting goals is the first step into turning the invisible into the visible’.

James' Place basingstoke member learning a new sdkill of sweing, she is vbery proud of this bird creation she has completed


This month, one of our members accomplished a big goal that they had, which was going out into the community with us. Our team member Hannah took this member for a drive, and before we knew it, they were sending selfies of them in the Range! This was such an amazing achievement for this member and since then they have also enjoyed a group trip to the local bowling alley!

Another, one of our members has recently become interested in learning a new hobby, sewing. They have been working with one of our team members, Sue, who is also learning this new skill as well. Together they have supported and encouraged each other to try new skills and projects. One project in which our member was particularly proud of, was the fabric bird she created. We are very proud of the independence and patience the members showed when making this. 

‘Teamwork, the combined actions of a group of people working together effectively to achieve a goal’ – The Cambridge Dictionary


This month we have all been working extremely hard as a team to complete our JP activities, one activity we all helped with was making delicious pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. During this activiety we encouraged members to communicate with each other, listen to one another and read the instructions provided.

James' Place Basingstoke members making pancake batter
a James' Place Basingstoke member making pancakes

We have also been coming up with ideas of how we can apply our teamwork to different group projects. We have all decided on two group projects, which we will be working on over the next two/three months. These projects are upcycling a doll house and designing and creating a display wall for our arts and craft room. We have had a great start on the doll house and have finally worked together to come up with our finale design for the art room wall. 

wooden dolls house
basingstoke member doing some arts and crafts

Every day at Jame’s Place we strive work effectively as a team to make sure we can reach our goals and achieve to the best of our abilities. Teamwork also means that friendships and trust is created and overall creates a positive welcoming environment for everyone here at JP.