This month we have been testing our memories.

Wendy, our wonderful cook, has been baking a number of delightful things for us to eat, teaching us how to weigh out the ingredients and where the ingredients came from ie;

  • Flour is made up of grain, which is a small hard seed used for food that can be ground into flour.
  • Food Colouring is used to colour foods, it includes natural colours derived primarily from vegetable sources.
  • Butter is most frequently made from Cow’s milk, but it can also be manufactured from the milk of other mammals.

The test is, can we remember by Thursday what, where and how to make what Wendy has taught us?

Of course we can!!

We had a fantastic Palm Sunday service on Tuesday, Alex our wonderful vicar had everyone up dancing and singing. Alex explained that Palm Sunday is the first week of the Holy Week; the Palm branches were scattered by the crowd as Christ rode into Jerusalem and sometimes made into crosses.

All our members received a Palm cross handed out by Alex whilst we all took part in the service.

Towards the end of the service an unexpected visitor arrived…… was the easter bunny, the easter bunny told Alex that there was an easter egg hunt around the church yard for everyone to take part in to find the easter eggs. It was a glorious sunny morning when everyone came out of church. So much fun was had by all, and everyone went back to JP very happy.