Our Themes this month were: 80th Anniversary of D-Day, Preparation Week, Wizard of Oz and Euros/Europe.

We began the week remembering all those involved with D Day on its 80th anniversary.  We discussed what material would make an effective parachute, we then made parachutes and tested them on a local hill our we found that a paper napkin was the the ideal parachute (on a dry day).

Week 2 was spent preparing for all our upcoming events, The Hat Fair, James’ Place Inter Location Sports Day and Cards for our nursery leaver friends.  We have been hive of industry preparing for all these exciting events.We recently purchased some symbolled books for inclusive reading, one of which is The Wizard of Oz, we read the story then decided we would create the characters and re-enact the walk up the Yellow Brick Road the members loved performing.

Euro’s and Europe we looked and created different flags to represent the countries involved in the tournament, one of our members designated us all a team to support some were happier than others.Trips this month have included:A Nightclub experience at The Orange Rooms, sipping mocktails and dancing the afternoon away, we caught the Blue Star Bus and learnt how to read a bus timetable.

Heart Start came to visit us to teach us how to perform CPR, we spent the afternoon looking for our nearest Defibrillator machine in the community and after the discovery that we would need to travel approx 1 mile away one of our amazing parents purchased us our own defib machine for James’ Place, Thank you so much from all the staff and members.

We were missing our James’ Place family in Basingstoke so we took a day trip to visit them, some of the chaps got very comfortable upstairs in the barn Vickie had to wave the van keys to encourage them back onto the bus to go back to Eastleigh.

cpr james' place eastleigh

Earlier in the month we visited Beaulieu Motor Museum riding on the monorail and looking at all the cars and motorbikes on show, we even saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Our lovely volunteer spotted a rare Bee Orchid growing on the common so we respectfully took some photos and some members painted their own orchids.

Alongside all these exciting trips members have been attending a dance class at The Arch, as well as our monthly links with the nursery.

james' place eastleigh members birthday
james' place member with some dogoos petting them they all look like there having fun
members from james' place eastleigh at the disco